What is CPO?
Care Plan Oversight (CPO) is the care plan you oversee for your homecare or hospice patients. If you do 30 minutes or more in a calendar month reviewing charts or discussing drug treatments for a patient, they can be billed under CPO. In other words, CPO is physician supervision of patients under homehealth or hospice where the patient requires complex or multi-disciplinary care requiring ongoing physician involvement.

Who is eligible for CPO?
Patients are eligible to receive CPO services if they require complex treatment, are being cared for by multidisciplinary teams and are under the care of a Medicare-approved home health agency or hospice.
What work counts towards CPO?
  • Reviewing charts, reports and treatment plans
  • Reviewing diagnostic studies if the review is not part of an E/M service
  • Phone calls with health care professionals who are not employees of the practice and are involved in the patient's care
  • Conducting team conferences
  • Discussing drug treatment and interactions (not routine prescription renewals) with a pharmacist
  • Coordinating care if physician or nonphysician practitioner time is required
  • Making changes to the treatment plan
What are the reimbursement rates?
These are national averages for CPO rates. These vary depending on what region you are operating in.
  • Certification (G0180) $53.07
  • Recertification (G0179) $41.51
  • Home Health Care Plan Supervision (G0181) $105.81
  • Hospice Care Plan Supervision (G0182) $106.49
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